What is Ecosynomics?

handshakeThe problem with most agreements is that you don’t see them.  They just are.  Most often you aren’t aware that what is happening around you is based on an agreement that you could potentially change.  It seems that life is “just that way.”

This is why you have many of the unpleasant, energy-depleting experiences you have, often resulting in poor outcomes.  You are accepting a set of agreements that you do not want, and it seems that you have no choice in the matter.

Yet, you also have vibrant, energy-enhancing experiences that result in extraordinary outcomes.  Once again, you are accepting a given set of agreements about how you interact with others.

Whether it is in your job, a team, your friends, your family, a group at church, the monetary system, or national politics, you are engaging in a set of agreements, whether you realize it or not.  Sometimes they work, resulting in great experiences and outcomes, and sometimes they do not.

Ecosynomics [eco-si-’na-mics] is a robust framework through which you can see the agreements that impact your experience and how to change them to get the experience and outcomes you desire.

Part of the reason for your experience of energy-depleting relationships that deliver poor outcomes is that the underlying agreements are based in scarcity.  Ecosynomics takes what we have learned in scarcity-based agreements and puts it within the much broader, much healthier context of abundance-based agreements.

In addition, the Ecosynomic framework highlights the abundance-based practices and agreements that ordinary people around the globe are discovering in large numbers that achieve olympic level experiences and outcomes on a sustainable basis.